IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Unleash your real business potential with the right human resources


The quality of any business is affected by the quality of people that it employs. At Volitiion IIT, we engage with our clients to know their business needs whether it is companywide staff augmentation or Project based consulting. Prior to proposing an augmentation solution we assess your business requirements around the proposed projects, and understand the position prerequisites.

Integrating deserving candidates to the right job profile in a seamless match ensures maximum productivity and efficiency. To accomplish this task our designated experts work meticulously and make a recommendation on the basis of their existing and acquired talent database after immaculate matching with their skill set for the job at hand. We believe it is vital to hire the right candidate to help your organization. We firmly uphold that every candidate brings something unique to the table and we must optimally utilize our resources when it comes to their competencies.

Our process of IT staff augmentation

includes six major steps with thorough screening

Requirement Review

Understanding job requirement is an underrated skill. Our expert review team carefully analyzes the job requirement and role put forth by the client in order to fully comprehend the qualifications, skill set and experience required for the project or the job at hand.


For acquiring the best talent for your prerequisites we are in perpetual contact with prospective candidates and build our pool of candidates. Creative outsourcing is our strength. We boast of a comprehensive database of individuals waiting to be the seamless fit for your organization.

Resource Identification

Cautious identification and evaluation of individual strengths and how to source them given the right project is our sphere.  Resource identification job that requires skilled understanding of aptitude, competency, domain skills and a lot more than that. Our team of dynamic experts ensure that the process of recruitment is seamless for your business. A large network of qualified candidates that we have garnered over the years help us make the staffing process glitch-less.

Screening and Selection

We understand that it is vital that talent is in perfect sync with project requirement. A comprehensive employment application and resume management system are key tools that enable us to identify eligible candidates for positions. Rigorous and robust evaluation is mandatory for us. Our thorough screening process ensures that we match the right resources for the right job. A candidate has to go through an austere hiring procedure to reach the hiring manager who then decides if the candidate is suited for the given project or not.

Client Submission

After stringent evaluation we suggest the candidate for the specified requirement. The onus of final selection resides completely with the client. We ensure that all mentioned requirements are met by us which includes skill set, qualification, specializations and more. We also focus on matching the cultural requirement of the organization and the candidate which sets us apart from our competition resulting in a seamless match.

360-degree review with the client

We support you with successful integration of the candidate into the team after a 360-degree comprehensive review. We ensure that the onboarding process is smooth and seamless, wherein the candidate is made aware of the procedures, processes and values of the company. It is an ongoing process of commitment and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.