Service Solutions

Service Solutions


ERP Implementation & Support

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the support system of any organization that pivots on aligning the automation and transformation process with unique business needs, processes, capabilities, and a robust organizational structure. We offer premium integrated management of dominant business applications and processes across all areas of enterprise including HR, Finance, Operations, Performance Management, Project management, and more.

Cloud Advisory and Services

Cloud solutions have revolutionized the way businesses accomplish, scale and process comprehensive applications and assess value from data. A cloud environment impacts a shared IT infrastructure and consistent internet pool in order to facilitate users to use multiple apps, helping them solve workload encounters swiftly and efficiently from anywhere through any device, significantly cutting down on computing costs.


Vendor Management

In the current economic climate, most enterprises are keen on hiring temporary as well as contract workers. Not only does this allow your firm the flexibility you seek but also saves you from any sort of additional liability. In order to ensure compliance enterprises are choosing to pay contract workers though effective pass-through services.

Program and Project Management

Each project is unique and comes with a distinct set of requirements. Micro-management of every single aspect of project and program management can be a tedious task but nevertheless is one of paramount importance. Our adept project management team superintends innumerable work streams to boost communication, manage staffing and is focused upon maximizing efficiencies while being cost-effective and guaranteeing punctual delivery.


IT Staff Augmentation

The quality of any business is affected by the quality of people that it employs. At Volitiion IIT, we engage with our clients to know their business needs whether it is companywide staff augmentation or Project based consulting. Prior to proposing an augmentation solution we assess your business requirements around the proposed projects, and understand the position prerequisites.

Managed Services For Oracle Cloud & PeopleSoft

The complexity of setting up and implementing ERP applications like Oracle cloud and PeopleSoft are seemingly daunting for most organizations. The process of implementation/transformation might be intimidating and confusing, and not in sync with your unique business requirements.