Data Intelligence and Visualization

Data Intelligence and Visualization

Reinventing your business with Smart Data Visualization


Data is the core of your organization; planning, strategizing, skillful analysis is all dependent on data presentation. Accurate and updated data provides us with actionable insights and real value business outcomes. In order to sustain in today’s competitive environment, it is essential that data is accurate and updated at all times.

Volitiion IIT provides a wide range of data intelligence and visualization services custom made to suit your project prerequisites ensuring easy access of business-critical data. Our experts focus on collecting data that supports you to critically evaluate your business. Our goal is to provide you with insights that help your business grow.

Our thorough and robust assessment procedure enables you to make better choices. We ensure that we define our requirements prior visualization swiftly moving to modelling data in terms of correlation and integration to uncover actionable insights. We help make your data smarter after complete assessment and then each decision maker is provided with smart insights to facilitate better business decision making.

  • Understand and adjust in accordance to market demands
  • Get ahead of your competition by increasing your competence
  • Predict with greater accuracy
  • Identify opportunities and challenges
  • Realize your potential
Data Advisory and Strategy

Data driven decision making plays a pivotal role in enabling your business to succeed. Our goal is to turn data into information and information into insight that works the best for us. In order to leverage your data for successful strategy and smart business outcomes we help you analyze your business goals through smart assessment techniques and employ tools for your data to speak to us. Our experience in data strategy and advisory is unprecedented. We focus our strategy towards your short and long term business goals. Our implementation roadmaps assimilate your business team along with our IT expertise for favorable outcomes.
Enjoy our expert assistance in-

  • Aligning business goals and strategy
  • Assessment of current organizational state
  • Implementation roadmap
  • KPI’s and Metrics
  • Proposed future state
Data Platform Modernization

Data today is the source of insight based smart business decision making. With digital transformation taking place all over the industry, it is essential to switch to better and proficient platforms in order to access, manage, distribute and analyze data in ways that is useful for the enterprise.
Volitiion IIT helps its clients to begin their Data Platform Modernization journey through a comprehensive analysis of the current organizational state, architecture and processes and then moving to better platforms in a cost effective manner. We amalgamate artificial intelligence and automation to ensure best possible outcomes for your organization.
What all can we handle for you:

  • Big data on cloud
  • Data lake
  • Data governance and security
  • Data intelligence
Data Intelligence and Visualization

We are the perfect consultants to aid organizations to discover, monitor, review and analyze large data sets. We specialize in providing you insights that turn your data into outputs that help your organization prosper. We focus on effective outcomes and result based smart analysis. We help you unlock the potential of your data value for competitive advantage in the market. Data is useless when raw and extremely essential when harnessed into smart insight.
Turning data into insights by:

  • Revealing insights around organizational performance, user behavior and targeted customer base
  • Making data-driven recommendations for product and process improvement
  • Managing and improving data metrics
  • Building smart data dashboards