Cloud solutions

Cloud Solutions

Statistically speaking, 96% of business across industries use cloud based services for their functioning. Volitiion IIT can assists you to migrate to cloud without any superfluous issues that you might otherwise encounter. We partner with the best cloud service providers and vendors like AWS, Microsoft, Azure, and Oracle to give you the right direction and tools necessary for a seamless experience.

Our expertise includes designing solutions specifically for your business’s unique requirements. Our services provide a security-rich cloud-native architecture that lets you take advantage of the automation and scalability that a cloud infrastructure can provide.

Why move to cloud?

By adopting an efficient cloud infrastructure your enterprise will achieve

Data Security
Data security through cloud storage which implements security for platforms through authentication, access control and encryption.
Increased Efficiency and Reduced IT Costs
Moving to cloud significantly reduces the costs of managing and maintaining your IT systems. It facilitates easy upgrades and saves energy thus increasing your efficiency manifold.
Scalability and flexibility
Rather than purchasing and installing expensive upgrades yourself we moderate your effort by handling this and a lot more for your convenience. The flexibility to access your data anytime anywhere instils a sense of freedom that you aspire for.
Collaboration efficiency
We enable you to collaborate easily and more proficiently to ensure that all your employees are on the same page in any given project.

Your Cloud-Our Solutions

At Volitiion IIT, we have experts and architects qualified in top cloud providers who are ready to work with your organization to understand your needs. Our team can quickly analyze your infrastructure, data security, maintenance, and scalability needs, and point you towards the right solution that meets your requirements.

Our Cloud Services Include

Microsoft Azure

Optimizing your digital experience with Azure
Reliable, Scalable, Inexpensive!

Volitiion IIT, as a reliant Microsoft partner is designed to put you in control and make cloud adoption rapid and simple. Our experts help you with your digital transformation, reducing costs, increasing agility and optimizing performance. Our reliant team of experts ensures that highest quality of is maintained for your applications 24*7. We harness innovation to suit your needs, giving you the finest cloud experience.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Transforming your business digitally with Oracle
Compute, Network, Govern!

Oracle has been providing cost effective options for businesses with a range of information technology expertise for over 2 decades now. Our global team of Oracle specialists transform your business digitally. We venture into-

  • Customer experience
  • SaaS and PaaS analytics
  • Industry and deployment solutions
  • Data Management Services
  • Security
  • Business analytics and a lot more

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Maximizing your AWS investment with Volitiion
Simplify, Syndicate, Summarize!

Convening cloud-native applications, transferring your on premise solicitations to the cloud, integrating and evaluating your data can be complex and expensive. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) swings the encumbrance of high obtainability and performance from infrastructure to the application. Volitiion IIT, a leader in integration, API management and analytics delivers the solutions and expertise to help you achieve your digital potential goals with AWS. We ease your burden so that you can focus on more revenue generating tasks. We promise you constant monitoring by our AWS experts for seamless management.