Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions


Oracle Technology Solutions

Organizations heavily depend upon Enterprise level solutions for their back-end business operations as well as instating business goals. It becomes essential to focus on technology that supports these applications, and to meet your organizational requirements requires exceptional technology solutions that can address your needs of using a COTS system

Microsoft Solutions

In a digitally challenging environment that is extremely dynamic in nature, it becomes essential for your enterprise to keep up. Efficiency is no longer the only pursuit of business, consistent efficiency is; thus we bring to you all empowering Microsoft solutions for an ever-increasing level of efficiency and effectiveness.


Cloud Solutions

Statistically speaking, 96% of business across industries use cloud based services for their functioning. Volitiion IIT can assists you to migrate to cloud without any superfluous issues that you might otherwise encounter. We partner with the best cloud service providers and vendors like AWS, Microsoft, Azure, and Oracle to give you the right direction and tools necessary for a seamless experience.

Data Intelligence and Visualization

Data is the core of your organization; planning, strategizing, skillful analysis is all dependent on data presentation. Accurate and updated data provides us with actionable insights and real value business outcomes. In order to sustain in today’s competitive environment, it is essential that data is accurate and updated at all times.



Security breaches are an unfortunate reality of industries all across the globe. Mere periodic checks aren’t enough. Volitiion IITs Security Assurance Services supports in determining the compliance level of technical security controls with applicable regulations legislative and standard requirements.